garden bridges

These galleries are a small sample of the garden bridges that we have personally delivered to over 4000 happy UK customers since 1995. Please remember that just because you may not see a certain bridge here, it does not mean we cannot make it!

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You will see that all of our bridges featured on our website have been photographed after delivery to the customer – we have unrivalled experience of delivery and installation of bridges. Most of our competitors simply arrange for delivery of even the larger bridges and leave it entirely to the customer to complete the assembly and installation. This often requires special foundations because their bridges are not strong enough to be free-standing. Our bridges are built to last.

Country Style Bridges

The country style garden bridges we make are the most popular style with our customers. They are simple, yet very elegant curved bridges which are suitable for all gardens. These wooden bridges are typically modified with finials, diagonal infills and safety slats to make them extra special and give them some more character. We can also produce this garden bridge without handrails for those customers looking for a more minimal look, which receives a discount of 25%.

Our bridges have helped exhibitors win medals, including our 8′ curved bridge which was part of the Alpine Garden Society’s gold medal exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Custom Bridges

From time to time, our customers want a special custom garden bridge to suit their precise requirements. This gallery of custom garden bridges is just a small sample of the dozens we have created over the last 20 years for our customers. Contact us today, and we can discuss how to make your perfect tailor-made bridge a reality.

Flat Garden Bridges

This gallery shows a small sample of our flat garden bridges, which are very popular among customers. Flat garden bridges can also be reinforced so as to be used by those customers who seek to cross the bridge by horse or ride-on lawnmowers.

Japanese Garden Bridges

Are you looking to enhance the aesthetics of your surroundings without compromising on functionality? If so, our high-quality Japanese garden bridges will be your best choice. At Bridges for Gardens, we specialise in crafting arched Japanese Garden Bridges that will enhance the beauty of your oriental garden.

Why Should You Choose Our Japanese Garden Bridges?

You will come across several builders of garden bridges, but none of them match our craftsmanship. Over the years, we have catered to the needs of various customers through our artistic and ornamental garden bridge constructions. Let’s explore the aspects that make our garden bridges unique in every sense:

  • Elegant: Our bridges are elegant and easily blend with your surroundings.
  • Durable: We craft bridges using durable materials. Hence, you can be assured that the garden bridges will be long-lasting.
  • Safety: We make garden bridges while adhering to safety standards.
  • Easy maintenance: Our bridges demand minimal maintenance on your part.

Get Access to Experienced Wooden Garden Bridge Specialists

Wooden bridges enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your landscape. At Bridges for Gardens, we deliver and install exquisite wooden garden bridges that seamlessly blend into the natural surroundings.
Our bridges are a testament to their quality and durability. Our skilled artisans craft each component to ensure visual appeal and structural integrity. We realise that every project is unique. Hence, we work closely with our clients to evaluate their needs and preferences.

We offer a diverse range of wooden bridge styles and finishes to complement any environment. Our bridges are structurally sound and handle the intended load without failure. Our high-quality bridges are also resistant to environmental aspects like moisture, weather, and insect damage.

Our wooden bridges also have safety features for user protection. We comply with relevant building codes and standards to give you complete peace of mind.

Beautify Your Landscape with Our Small Garden Bridges

Are you looking for high-quality garden bridges? If yes, your search ends with Bridges for Gardens. Since our inception in 1995, we have catered to the needs of 4000 UK customers who are satisfied with our services.

We are driven by an unparalleled commitment to quality standards and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. Our small garden bridges exhibit natural beauty and timeless elegance and give a concrete shape to your vision. So, contact us today!